$40.00 USD - $150.00 USD

Thank you for wanting to make my artwork a permanent part of your life! Purchasing this ticket will help me continue to create more illustrations and is a great way to support me as an artist!

I offer it as a sliding scale ($40 - $150) so whatever you see fit, or are comfortable paying! You will receive a digital permission slip within 48 hours that will contain my info for your tattoo artist to contact me if needed, and on a case-by-case basis, will also provide a modified version of the design (at no extra charge) that will be easier for your artist to translate into a tattoo. They may make slight modifications if suitable for placement of the tattoo, but otherwise I have to ask to not change the design's original composition.

IMPORTANT: Please do not choose your tattoo artist by price alone, but more so by their skill level and attention to detail. My work is great for detailed blackwork artists, and doing your homework on which artists in your area specialize in this style will guarantee that your new piece will be something you'll admire for life!

*This is not a free use license for the design of choice, and by purchasing this ticket, you acknowledge that it may not be reproduced for use on products, prints, or any other form of media. Usage is not exclusive, and only non-commission artwork is eligible, so please contact me on which design you'd like before payment! There are also no refunds, so check-in with your tattoo artist first to see if they are willing to take on the design.

If you share your finished tattoo on Instagram, tag and @wideopenthrottle, I'd love to see it!